Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not Since 1954

Not since 1954 have we seen mortgage rates this low. Prime is now at 0%. What does this mean for us. If you were even just thinking about purchasing a home, this is a once in a life time opportunity. Mortgage rates are currently at 5.5% and the word is will soon be as low as 4.5%. At 4.5% you can borrow $200,000 for $1,014.00 P& I per month. Add that to the year end specials we are currently offering and this truely is a great time to buy.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Advantage Series

The Advantage Series is our newest home. Starting at 1540 Sq. Ft. this home can increase in size by simply adding various sized POD's to the front or rear. The featured photo shows this home with 1841 Sq. Ft., a covered front porch and 984 unfinished Sq. Ft. on the second floor. Call about our year end specials.

Builders Choice

Just a few of our Builders Choice Models to pick from

Adding a front porch, dormers or a deck on the rear of your new home are some of the available options we offer.


Spectacular front elevations and floor plans to fit all of your needs are always available.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Custom 2 Story Homes Available

Looking for a 2 story home. HomeHeadquarters offers several 2 story home plans, or bring us yours. As a custom modular home builder we can meet all of your expectations and fulfill your dreams of Home Ownership
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Building Green

One of our main goals at HomeHeadquarters is to offer an environmentally friendly home to our customers. We can do this by using Green Building Methods, which require fewer resources then conventional homes. This is done with the use of more efficient floor plans, framing methods and a reduced amount of wasted building materials. We take advantage of passive solar heating in the winter and cross ventilation in the summer. Not only do some of the methods we use help to reduce monthly expenses for our home owners, but by using energy efficient lighting, appliances and windows, we help the environment by reducing energy consumption.
Throughout your home both inside and out, products such as premium caulking, new insulated fiberglass exterior doors and Energy Star Compliant insulation are additional ways we help reduce the use of our valuable resources. But we don’t stop there. All windows and exterior doors are wrapped and sealed. All exterior receptacles and switches are also sealed. We use 7/16 sheathing with a thermal house wrap on the exterior of all our homes. Energy efficient Heating and Cooling Systems are professionally designed for maximum efficiency. We seal all factory installed ductwork with UL 181 rated tape and no ductwork is installed in exterior walls. Using an energy saving 50 gallon water heater and insulating all factory water supply lines is still another way we reduce energy consumption. By constructing your home in our factory, we reduce the number of trips to your site. This not only reduces the amount of fuel needed, it also reduces the emissions that pollute the air we breathe.
HomeHeadquarters goal and responsibility is to continue to search for ways and to continue to use energy reducing methods to play a vital role in building a better home for a better tomorrow.
If you would like more information about building green, please contact Mike Scavone
at 910-784-1941

Friday, November 14, 2008

If you are considering purchasing a new home, you may want to check out the benefit in a custom built modular home. Not only can you save thousands of dollars, but you will get the piece of mind knowing that your home has been built in a controlled environment. What does that really mean for you. Materials used for your new home will not be left for days, weeks and sometimes months where rain, moisture and humidity can literally deteriorate the materials needed to construct your home. You will get the added benefit of having your home completed within a 3 month average time frame. As your modular custom home builder, I will extend a free site evaluation to determine what site improvements maybe necessary to insure there are no surprises involving additional unplanned expenses, as well as assisting you in determining the placement of your new home on your lot. We offer a turn key package that includes:
A superior systems built technology home
Deliver & complete construction on your home site
Built to local and North Carolina State Building Codes
130 MPH wind zone ratings
Poured concrete footers
3 choices of foundation options
Energy efficient split system 13 seer heatpump
Building permits
Plumbing connections to the home perimeter
Electrical panel box installed & ready for the power company to connect
Pressure treated wooden steps with handrails to all exterior doors
10 year manufactures structual warrenty
Vapor barrier
Construction Cleaning of the home, and all trash removal

We offer over 200 floor plans or you can bring your own.

Contact me for more information.

Yes We Build Beach Homes

Yes We Build Beach Homes